Welcome to Bidder Media

Bidder Media is a leading Digital advertising network offering performance based monetization solutions to advertisers and publishers globally. Our team of dedicated account managers will help you in maximizing your overall advertising revenue by offering customized monetization strategy.


We help publishers monetize their online video and display assets for both desktop and mobile platforms. Understanding the importance of brand safety, we follow extensive brand safety checks to ensure best quality brands and advertisers buy your inventory. A team of dedicated Account Managers will help you with customized monetization strategy to unleash the full potential of your digital assets.

Yield management

As a publisher, you can leverage our partnership with all the premium advertisers and programmatic demand platform, to get the maximum bid for each impressions.

Brand safety

Lot’s of efforts goes in developing the quality content and ensuring brand safe ads are delivered to your visitors. Understanding the importance of brand safe ads, we have developed multiple processes in house to quality check the ads before it’s delivered on your websites. We are partnered with TMT as well to scan and block any Malwares and bad quality ads.

Dedicated Account Manager

Customer satisfaction is our motive and we strive to provide round the clock support to our publishers to better manage and monetize their inventory. With our expert advice and On time support , we help our publishers to get maximum value of their digital assets.


We deliver your campaigns efficiently! Over billions of impressions delivered monthly on our platform. We provide advertisers with right audience and content to boost their ROI. Bidder.Media value your money and has stringent checks in place & have developed in house tools to monitor and weed out all the unwanted impressions.  With our partnership with all leading ad serving and media buying platforms, we ensure maximum ad relevancy and your audience will get to see what they like.

Audience reach

With access to our exclusive and brand safe publishers, reach your right audience and maximize your advertising dollars.

Quality Content

Buy with confidence!!! We have developed our in house fraud detection tool and process in place to review the site quality and content, in addition to our partnership with Protected media to scan and block any invalid and Non-human traffic.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our dedicated account manager will help you in reaching your advertising goals, by providing support at all level and help you connect your campaigns and advertisers to right audience and inventory to generate better ROI.